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Online Courses -Medication Administration

Support Person Administer Medication
First Aid Training Specialists

Medication Administration Refresher Course (non accredited)

As a Disability Support Worker, you are the backbone of daily health management for those you serve. Mastering medication administration is more than a job requirement—it’s a vital aspect of the trusted care you provide.


100% Online 


Self Paced - It is expected students may complete the course within 1.5 hours 


$120 (ask about our group and workplace discounts)


- Stay Informed: Our course is constantly updated to reflect the latest industry standards, helping you maintain top-tier care quality.

- Learn at Your Leisure: With 24/7 access to our modules, you can learn when it’s convenient for you, ensuring that your education fits into your life, not the other way around.

- Practical Expertise: Crafted by seasoned healthcare professionals, our curriculum bridges the gap between theory and the real-world scenarios you encounter every day.

- Dynamic Learning Experience: Dive into diverse video modules that captivate and educate, keeping you at the forefront of medication administration knowledge.

- Professional Recognition: Upon completion, receive a Certificate that not only signifies your dedication to your role but also serves as a testament to your service provider of your updated expertise.

Key Topics Covered:

Fundamentals of Medication Administration

Comprehensive Medication Knowledge Review

Best Practices for Administering Medication

Managing Adverse Reactions and Medication Refusal

Navigating Medication Incidents

Proper Medication Storage and Disposal Protocols

Skills Developed:

Accurate Dosage Calculations: Enhance your skills in calculating and administering dosages.

Administration Techniques: Learn various administration methods to increase your proficiency.

Managing Adverse Reactions: Prepare to effectively respond to adverse drug reactions.

Who Should Attend?

- Healthcare Practitioners: Ideal for doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

- Caregivers and Support Staff: Beneficial for those responsible for medication in care settings.

- Individuals Seeking Specialization: Perfect for those looking to focus on medication management.

Course Structure

- Module-Based Learning: Divided into focused modules.

- Assessments and Exams: Regular evaluations to ensure comprehension.

- Real-World Application: Practical insights through case studies and scenarios.


Certificate of completion is automatically generated on completion of course

Certificate renewal: 

There is no industry recommended renewal date for this unit of competency

Register Now! Join our program to become a proficient professional in medication management, enhancing your skills and contributing to better healthcare outcomes.

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