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We are not your average First Aid Training Company! We are passionate about educating our community and offer a range of programs that are adaptable to suit groups of all sizes. 

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An age appropriate discussion regarding the injuries and first aid emergencies that may occur when a group of friends get together.

JUNIOR Program - years 4 - 9

YOUTH Program - years 9 -11

SCHOOLIES Program - year 12


We want to empower our young people with the skills and confidence to be resourceful and stop a bleed with literally the shirt off their back!

​Including Mental Health Awareness & Nervous System regulation strategies.

Engaging training with 'real world' first aid and mental health & well-being strategies.

allergy program_educating children


Kindy to grade 3 program designed to develop awareness of the signs and symptoms of Asthma and Anaphylaxis and what to do in an emergency.​​


A fantastic hands on 30-40 minute program educating students about asthma, anaphylaxis and CPR.
Students will experience administering a training epi pen and doing CPR on a manikin.

A fun, informative and interactive session. A perfect program for

OSHC and Vacation Programs.

Parenting first aid course


Kids don't come with a handbook!​​

Teaching our parents and carers the necessary skills to keep our little ones safe.

A relaxed training environment to encourage questions and to build confidence. 


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youth mental health
youth safety


Last year, 2022 and again this year 2023, F.A.S.T. First Aid Training has presented the ‘Street Smart Safety and Well-being’ Program to our Year 10 cohort during our Be Confident week.  Our students have found value in learning ‘real world’ strategies and how to be resourceful in the event of a first aid emergency.  Equipping our students with the ability to offer aid to someone experiencing mental health concerns and enhance their own mental well-being is a priority to us.

The program aligns with our school values, is age appropriate, engaging and the feedback is very positive from the students. 


 Dr Leigh Hobart, Deputy Headmaster Academic Performance and Innovation P-12

Schoolies Street Smart Program

I wasn't sure what to expect, but the Schoolies course was excellent.  The examples were really relevant to schoolies week and I feel more confident now if something does go wrong.

The perfect exam day visualisation was the best.

Lachlan - Brisbane Boys College student

Parenting First Aid Program

I attended the Parenting Program offered by Mission Australia and I thought it was fantastic.

Such a lovely and relaxed day, I learnt so much.  I feel much more confident looking after my grandchild now.

Liz - Parenting Program Student

Allergy Awareness Program

The Allergy Awareness class was amazing!

The kids loved the hands on training with the epi pens and the manikins.

The information was age appropriate and delivered as promised in a fun and engaging format.

Coominya State School OSHC

Street Smart Program

I can honestly say that the Trainers engaged and helped our students to learn more about keeping themselves and their mates safe. It was so refreshing to have a team of people who understood young people and especially approached the idea of mental health and well-being without judgement and with really practical and useful strategies. Would highly recommend for adults and for young people.

Sarah Cattoni - Teacher

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