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Sarah owner of FAST First Aid Training

We are passionate about education and strongly believe that learning CPR and First Aid doesn't have to be painful or boring!  Our training style is fun, relaxed and engaging because we know that is how we learn best.  Ensuring relevance to the group, we adapt our training delivery, scenarios, and examples. 

We specialize in onsite workplace training and additionally offer 12 public courses every month making training accessible to all. 


We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest training techniques and first aid management solutions. We don't just spew text book at you! We teach real world tips and tricks.  

We love creating a fun, relaxed and honest work environment which flows into our training style.

Why F.A.S.T.? Well it is actually the acronym for managing a stroke casualty and who doesn’t want fast first aid!

Sarah Shaw
Director & Workplace Safety Specialist


We are South East Queensland's premier First Aid Training Company with a passion for education. 

Our mission is to deliver fun and relevant training in a relaxed environment so students walk away with not only the skills to save a life but the confidence to use them. 

Meet Our Team

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