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Our mission is to make organising the training as painless as possible for you as the organiser and the training, fast, fun and relevant to your team.

We guarantee no long and boring stories!


Meet your legislative requirements with one visit from F.A.S.T. First Aid Training.

Our Mental Health and Well-being Programs assist with meeting the requirements of the new legislation "Managing Psychosocial Risks and Hazards". (effective 01.04.23)


mental health awareness workplace training

Program Goals

Promote Mental Health First Aid awareness.

Provide simple strategies for well-being and employee relations.

Foster healthy communication and behavior through skill development, including conflict resolution.


Mental Health Awareness

Applied Mental Health

Essential Communication

Conflict Resolution

S.O.S. Self Care

Workplace Well-being

Choose from 30, 60, or 90-minute program versions to customize training for your workplace.

Combine with annual CPR/First Aid Training for discounts



CPR Class Ipswich

Training Goals

We provide a streamlined booking system and compliance management portal, which simplifies the organisation of staff training for you.

Our training style is fun, relevant and engaging.  Our Blended Delivery format ensures minimal staff downtime. 


Nationally Recognised Courses



Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


Provide First Aid


Provide First Aid in an education and care setting


Perform Rescue from a Live LV Panel




Assist Participants with disability during aquatic activities

SISSS00133                      SISCAQU020

    Pool Lifeguard          Perform Water Rescues



Course Goals

Online courses to upskill or complete annual refresher training with minimal down time. 

Staff can complete there courses at their own pace on our simple and user friendly platform.

Ask us about our group discounts and option to purchase voucher codes.


Child at Risk

CHCPRT025 Identify & report children & young people at risk 


Child at Risk - Refresher
Non-accredited Child at Risk Refresher


Parenting First Aid
Non-accredited First Aid for Parents and Carers

WHS Construction Industry

CPCCWHS2001 Apply WHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry


Medication Administration
Non-accredited Medication Administration Refresher Training

Mental Health Support for First Responders

(first on scene to assist)

This Nationally recognised course is uniquely tailored to provide comprehensive education on mental health, fostering resilience and offering practical strategies for managing the mental health impacts of crisis response.

You will learn to reccognise signs and symptoms of mental health concerns and respond effectively, providing crucial support until professional help arrives. 

Suitable for:

CPR / First Aid course participants

Community Services Industry

Workplace First Aiders

First Responders

Teachers and Educators

Delivery mode:

Face to Face

Online with Face to Face

What makes this course different?:

Concise and efficient short course

Practical solutions

National recognised

Workplace Mental Health Awareness Training

Conduct Manual Tasks Safely

In every workplace, workers are exposed to manual handling tasks, some more hazardous than others. These tasks are a common cause of injury, making safe practices imperative. Without manual handling training, employees risk mistakes and serious injury, especially around hazardous substances or activities.


This course covers:

Recognize potentially hazardous manual tasks and their risk factors.

Prepare for and apply controls to complete tasks safely using manual handling techniques.

Understand the body's function in movement and manual tasks.

Appreciate the importance of posture and body positioning.

Recognize injury symptoms and report them.


The skills in this course comply with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards, and industry codes of practice such as the Hazardous Manual Tasks Code of Practice.

Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

Teacher Professional Development

Anxiety Management for Young Minds


This 45 minute workshop equips teachers and support staff with effective strategies to help students manage anxiety, stress responses, and overall mental well-being.


In this experiential class, participants will:

Test various soothing techniques they can teach students to handle anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

Learn methods to reduce the fight-or-flight response and quickly regulate the nervous system.

Bonus! Teachers and support staff can also use these strategies to enhance their own mental health and well-being.

Combine with your annual CPR / First Aid Training

Big Emotions, Better Communication


This 90-minute workshop equips Teachers and Support Staff with essential strategies to enhance communication and deescalate intense emotions in the classroom.


Participants will learn to:

Improve communication and minimize conflict.

Maintain connection while addressing issues.

Make strategic requests instead of demands.

Understand the benefits of connecting with both their own needs and those of others.

Recognize the underlying causes of behavior.

Bonus! These strategies are also effective for improving communication with parents and caregivers, helping to mitigate conflict in difficult conversations.

Combine with your annual CPR / First Aid Training



Meet Physical Safety and Psychological Hazard and Risk legislation with one booking. Book a Mental Health and Well-being program with CPR or First Aid.

CPR Class Ipswich



Online learning plus a short face to face practical session. Streamlined training for the busy workplace.

CPR practical takes approx. 45 minutes

First Aid practical takes approx. 90 minutes

Workplace First Aid and Mental Health Training


Learning, quiz and practical assessment is all done on the day.  Perfect for staff who do not enjoy online learning!

CPR only takes approx 2 - 3 hours

First Aid takes approx 4 - 6 hours

carly laura sarah


Not your average First Aid Training Company!

First Aid courses, Mental Health and Well-being, Community courses.

Flexible delivery formats to suit your workforce

We teach 'real world' tips not just text book

Access to our Training Portal - compliance and training management.

Fast certificate delivery to both you and the staff member.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Streamlined and relevant training

Fun, relaxed and engaging delivery

No boring stories guaranteed!


Is your business compliant?..... ​Sarah Shaw, our Workplace Health & Safety Specialist will provide you with valuable insight as to whether you are meeting Workplace Health and Safety Legislation.

​Book a 15 minute consultation for suggestions to improve the safety and well-being of your staff and customers.

Sarah's goal is to not only support you in providing a safe workplace but to take the stress out of managing workplace compliance for you!

Mental Health Statistics

It is estimated that absenteeism due employee mental health conditions costs Australian businesses $4.7 billion per annum.

Presenteeism is estimated to cost Australian business $6.1 billion a year.

Mental Health Statistics

86% of staff and management believe that ineffective communication is the root of all workplace failures. Source -Economist Intelligence Unit


Libby - School Teacher


The team at FAST First Aid Training are easy to deal with, nothing is ever a problem and the quality of the course was outstanding. Have used them before and will continue to use their course and trainers for our First Aid and CPR training needs! Outstanding in every way!

Brooke Oberle
Fernbrooke State School

Just completed the first of 3 x 30 minute mental health & well-being toolbox talks with our team. Great content, very relevant, & love that this training is being offered & presented locally. Looking forward to the next 2 talks!

Thank you Sarah

Base Metal Fabrication

FAST First Aid Training has been training the staff at our College since 2017. Sarah’s experience in delivering training ensures it is always professional but fun and we walk away feeling confident to perform CPR and provide first aid in our workplace. We love how the training relates to us and offers practical solutions. 

Jayne Tyrell
Mary McKillop Catholic College

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