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Workplace Stress & Burnout has reached a critical level, to the point that Legislation has been updated to include 'Managing Psychosocial Hazards & Risks'. Not only does it make smart business sense to take care of your staff mental health and well-being it is a Work Safe Act requirement.   

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Workplace Mental Health Awareness Traini

Quick Guide
This legislation applies to ALL businesses under the Work Safe Act
(except some in the resource and mining industries wher difference legislation applies.)

1. Identify Psychosocial Hazards 
2. Assess Psychosocial Risks
3 Control the Risks
4. Maintain Control Measures
5. Recording Risk Management Process

Helpful Links
    Legislation Quick Guide
    Work Health & Safety Act 
    Psychosocial Hazards, the risk to your business and training solution


  • Consult workers

  • Identify hazard and risk

  • Administration Control 

  • Review control measures

  • Evidence and record keeping

Workplace mental health statisics

91% of employees believe mental health in the workplace is important.

However, only 52% of employees believe their workplace is mentally healthy.  Beyond Blue

Workplace Mental Health Training


Mental Health Awareness and
 Applied Mental Health

  • Essential Mental Health First Aid in the workplace

  • Signs, Symptoms and Judgements of Anxiety and Depression.

  • Coping strategies for change and stress management

  • Strategies to take care of your Mental Health

  • Resources and support for those affected.

Essential Communication and
Conflict Resolution

Workplace Communication Training_edited.
  • Essential strategies for clear communication 

  • Proven process for defusing conflict

  • Skills for healthy relationships, connection and collaboration

  • The benefit of connecting with your needs and understanding the needs of others.

  • Self-regulation and personal responsibility

  • Steps for clear communication and how to make requests vs demands

Self Care and
 Workplace Well-being

Workplace Wellbeing
  • Essential resilience strategies 

  • Skills to cope with stress & change 

  • Techniques to self-soothe and reinforce self-responsibility

  • 3 pillars for mental health

  • Ways to take care of your Mental Health

  • The Inner Critic and Ways to Pattern Interrupt

  • HeartMath

Mix and match programs to tailor a course specific to your workplace needs

Bundle with your annual CPR Refresher or First Aid Training and save

Approaching well-being through workplace strategies as well as supporting the individual has been

shown to be the most effective way to reduce work stress and improve health and overall well-being.

This is now a requirement as part of the Work Safe Legislation and F.A.S.T. First Aid Training is here to

assist you every step of the way. 

From a business perspective, prioritising mental health and well-being in the workplace will help to:

  • minimise stress levels and improve morale

  • reduce worker absence and turnover

  • decrease absenteeism

  • cultivate staff loyalty

  • increase diversity and create a stronger organisational culture

  • gain a higher return on training investment

  • increase business profit and brand image 

  • improve communication and reduce conflict

  • reduce physical injuries


Our courses are designed to:

  • raise awareness and understanding of Mental Health First Aid

  • teach easy strategies for improving and maintaining well-being and employee relations

  • support healthy and proactive behaviour and communication through skills development including conflict resolution. 

Program format:

Courses are modified to suit your industry and specific workplace needs. 

Specific training for management

Programs are available in 30/45, 60, 90 minutes, half and full day format

Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Tr
Workplace mental health statistics

86% of staff and management believe that ineffective communication

is the root of all workplace failures. 

Source -Economist Intelligence Unit


We are very grateful for the Mental Health Awareness and Self Care provided by FAST First Aid Training.

The tools and the resources were easy to use and ones that we can implement in to every day life.

We were so impressed we are going to deliver this training to our years 10 - 12 boarding students.

Matt McEwen - Brisbane Boys College

Just completed the first of 3 x 30 minute mental health & well-being toolbox talks with our team. Great content, very relevant, & love that this training is being offered & presented locally. Looking forward to the next 2 talks!

Thank you Sarah

Linda - Base Metal Fabrication

The delivery of the content was relaxed and very relevant to our workplace.

I found value in the 4 step communication, this is something that will help me not only at work but at home.

The conflict resolution strategies were very helpful as this is something as a teacher we need to manage every day.

Nicole - St Edmunds College

Team work

One stop shop for Workplace Training! 

Our range of First Aid courses, Online Compliance Training and Workplace Well-being Programs tailored to meet both your training and legislative needs.

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