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Teachers' quick thinking saves student after deadly snake bite on school camp.

Updated: May 26

We hope you never need to use your first aid skills but this story is a perfect example of how important it is to stay up to date with our CPR & First Aid Training.

Common symptoms of a snake bite:

· immediate or delayed pain at the bite site

· swelling, bruising or local bleeding

· bite marks (usually on a limb) that may vary from obvious puncture wounds to scratches that may be almost invisible

· swollen and tender glands in the groin or armpit of the bitten limb

· faintness, dizziness

· nausea and vomiting

· headache

· abdominal pain

· oozing of blood from the bite site or gums

· double or blurred vision

· drooping eyelids

· difficulty in speaking or swallowing

· limb weakness or paralysis

· difficulty in breathing

· occasionally, initial collapse or confusion followed by partial or complete recovery

Management of a snake bite:

It is important to get the casualty to lay down and stop moving straight away! Then apply a Pressure Immobilization Bandage and call 000.

F.A.S.T. First Aid Training - Workplace Training Specialist


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