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11 Tell-tale Signs you may have Diabetes

Updated: May 26

Diabetes mellitus references a group of diseases that affect how the body uses body sugar (glucose). It is often simply referred to as Diabetes.

We all need glucose to function. We rely on it as an important source of energy for our cells that make up our body’s muscles and tissues.

Whether you have Type 1, Type 2 diabetes or Gestational diabetes (during pregnancy), it can lead to excess sugar in the blood. Know the Signs for Diabetes!

When too much sugar is in the blood, this can lead to serious health problems and should not be ignored! Always seek medical attention.

Everyone should be aware of the symptoms and early signs of Diabetes.

There are 11 Tell-tale signs that you may be developing Diabetes or indicators that your body is being affected.

Let's talk about the warning signs of Diabetes - the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia

These include:

  • Inexplicable loss of weight

  • Feeling unusually hungry all the time - we are talking extreme hunger

  • Unusual and unquenchable thirst

  • Feeling fatigued, tired or weak

  • Urinating frequently (typically lots of times during the night)

  • Mood swings/irritability

  • Change in vision such as blurriness.

  • Being slow to heal from cuts, abrasions, and sores.

  • The presence of infections such as skin, vaginal and gum infections.

  • Very dry or itchy skin

  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet.

An early warning sign is an unquenchable thirst

Do you know your risk for developing Diabetes?

Diabetes Australia has created a Diabetes Risk Calculator.

Find out your risk - how's it looking?

Type 2 diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia (Source - Diabetes Australia).

Type 2 Diabetes onset usually occurs after the age of 40 and in some cases may be reversed through a holistic program of healthy eating, weight management, undertaking suitable physical activity and addressing other health issues.

Take a good look at your eating - is it as healthy as it could be?

How healthy do you think you are?

  • Do you need a health check?

  • Do you need a helping hand?

  • Do you need some insight?

The Queensland Government runs a free My Health for Life program (ie. free for Queenslanders). All funded by the Qld government – no contract or fees.

So no excuses then? :)

In 2021, an estimated 1 in 20 (just over 1.3 Million) Australians were living with diabetes (Source:

Alarmingly, this number grows every year!

Here’s a chance for you to look more carefully at your health.

If you would like to read more about Diabetes - head over to our blog - Diabetes - 8 Things every Australia should know!


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