Schoolies First Aid and Well-being

Teaching them the skills and confidence to potentially save a mates life is invaluable and also gives parents some peace of mind. 

Our teaching style is relaxed and fun!! We use realistic scenarios about the First Aid management of situations that may arise as they test their boundaries.

Our young people have loved the ‘real world’ approach and the phone hacks and apps!


This program is not about the dos and don’ts, it’s what do you do if something does go wrong.

Perfect in the lead up to Schoolies week which is a stressful time for parents and an experimental time for our teens!!!

Recent statistics, from a 2018 Schoolies report, during the course of the week 

20 percent of teens pass out

25 percent injure themselves 

30 percent engage in sexual behaviour – half without protection.


(non accredited)

Student Well-being:

We have added elements of our Mental Health & Well-being Program to assist our young people in self-management and self-responsibility. 

We will show them pressure points to release tension from overwhelm and stress as well as techniques to sooth and regulate their nervous system.


Dedicated Mental Health & Well-being courses are available:

SOS Selfcare

SOS Essential Communication

SOS Mental Health Awareness

Burnout Recovery and Prevention

Clear and Connection Communication

Mental Health Awareness Applied

(non accredited)

We guarantee:

Fun, engaging and interactive 

No boring stories

'Real World' tips and tricks

Smart phone hacks and apps

FAST First Aid Training


"To be honest I wasn't looking forward to it!!!  But it was fun and I learned more than I thought I would" Jacob - student

"It was really relatable!  I feel more confident now if a mate needs help" Lachlan - student

"We ran a private group for our son and 8 of his friends.  The trainer did an amazing job keeping the boys entertained and engaged.  The information was relevant and they now have a certificate to put on their resume." - Julie - parent