Ok!! So I know you have participated in your fair share of boring first aid courses and you

really really want your work place to book F.A.S.T. First Aid Training so we can make it less painful, right?!

So to thank you for referring us to your work place Health & Safety Officer, Business Manager

or the poor person that deals with workplace compliance I am going to reward you with up to

$200 referral bonus!

It's quite simple and there is not much fine print!!!.

- Message, email, text or fill in the link below to let us know you are working your magic!

- Forward our details to the appropriate person.

- When we get a booking from that business we will know you have successful worked your magic and be rewarded.

The number of participants that attend the first aid course will determine your bonus.

6 - 10 people - $25 (not much but better than nothing right!)

11- 30  people - $50

31 - 50 people $75

51 - 80 people $100

81-100 people $150

101- 150 people - $175

151+ people - $200

You will be sent a visa gift card which is the safest way to send cash when the account has been paid for the training provided.  The booking can be a mixture of cpr and first aid.  If the booking is cpr only you might drop down a bonus bracket but I will still look after you :) 

* Bonus available for courses booked and held before 30 March 2019.

Simple as that!  

Ask me about our $200 Referral Bonus!..p

Help Us Help You!

....and get rewarded for it!