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Reality Check!

Reality Check!

Picture this - there’s TV Weekly’s hottest doctor on screen, pumping the chest of an unresponsive young woman. He’s strong, manly, and gets the job done in a manner of seconds. She wakes up and looks into those baby blue eyes, breathing and falling in love. Sounds like a hoax, doesn’t it? Because it is!

Many of Australians' first exposure to CPR is on the small screen, while watching a dramatic reenactment by Doctor Dreamy.

Remember when Grey’s Anatomy performed tracheotomy with a pen? Don’t try this at home!!!!! At the same time, panic Attacks on Madam Secretary are being treated with a brown paper bag, and people are still falling back on the ancient Heimlich Manuveur when choking on their dinner, which hasn’t been taught in Australia for 20 years! We learn most of our First Aid Training on TV and what we see and learn couldn’t be more wrong!

Although these seem harmless in the world of fiction and fake ER, the media is more influential than we think, which leads to potentially dangerous situations. Administering accurate CPR can determine a life or death situation, and can also cause serious disabilities if not given with care.

It is important that everyone in the home knows how to administer proper CPR under pressure, while not having to refer back to the visual narratives we have been told on TV.

Sarah recommends learning the correct skills to save a life. It’s a skill she hopes you will never need to use but believes in being prepared just in case.

Unfortunately the statistics show that in 90% of cases you are providing first aid to someone you know, which creates the added importance of resuscitating a loved one.

Learn the skills to save the life of someone you love or care about today.

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