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Mental Health concerns - Is it the NEW pandemic?

Updated: May 26

How do you feel when another lockdown is called? How are you feeling about the future? How are you feeling about the present? Have you felt overwhelm? Would you recognise the signs of your burnout? Wow, these are some tough questions. Now is the time to get these tough conversations started! The last year has been ever-changing, one that continues to present new challenges for you at different levels – DAILY!

Mental Health concerns are significantly on the rise! Is it a Mental Health Pandemic?

Mental Health Matters

The media refers to it as this crazy coaster of a ride, hurtling you to highs and lows with unpredictable twists at every turn of the pandemic.

This crazy CoVid Coaster ride has unpredictable turns

It seems like we all are riding this new theme park ride – the Covid-Coaster!

Weave into that, the daily stress of your life, workplace demands, financial stresses, your physical-being and relationships……and it can feel like things begin to topple.

We have a new pandemic on our hands - Mental Health Concerns are on the rise

The combination of these, as well as the new challenges and our evolving, fast-paced lifestyle is taking its toll on our greatest asset - its peopleimpacting Australians of all ages.

We have a new pandemic on our hands!

It is affecting industries across all sectors. You may hear whispers amongst your team members about it, words like burnout, stress, worry and fatigue being bandied around in the lunch room.

You may hear chatter amongst your leaders, expressing their concerns and wondering how they can support you with prevention and recovery. These are key priorities across all sectors at this time.

Prevention to burnout should be a key focus

For some time, we have wanted to adapt our business to be able to incorporate an aspect of Mental Health Support. We are proud to announce that we are working with Meghan Kurts Forresteran accredited Mental Health First Aid Practitioner, to provide much needed Mental Health Support for workplaces and also for the community.

Meghan talking about burnout
Burn bright, but not out

Meghan has a vast wealth of knowledge, drawing on her own experiences and shares insights on effective management of burnout and fatigue.

Meghan’s Motto: Burn bright, but not out. Tending to your own flame”

Why Mental Health Support?

Research shows that 1 in 5 people have taken ‘stress leave’ in the past 12 months. Sadly, this figure is continuing to rise.

How well are you tending to your own flame?

With a lot of providers flooding the market offering Mental Health support, there is growing evidence to suggest that peer-based support is having a greater impact than traditional clinical psychology methods, ‘particularly in the early phases of mental health dysregulation’.

The courses we are launching aim to provide you with both

practical and real


Would you benefit from Mental Health Support?

Well, last time I looked, we all seem to be at that same theme park, riding the same Covid-coaster ride! It’s been a long ride and not sure when it will end, so we want to help you to be better prepared for the ride, to get on with navigating through life.

The notion is that this training stands to benefit YOU and to those around YOU. As a community we stand by each other, lift each other up and are certainly all in this together.

Feel the strength of community to allow us to be open and put our concerns on the table.

What kind of approach are we adopting?

It’s different. Good different.

It’s very important to F.A.S.T. First Aid Training that we are able to deliver training that is:-

  • Relatable

  • Customized

This is a primary reason behind partnering with Meghan Kurts Forresterthe guru on burnout prevention and recovery.

The face-to-face connection allows you to customize your own Mental Health tool kit. Full of both practical and flexible options, allowing you to discover through a variety of Self Care Practices the ones that best suit you best.

Face to Face connection allows the forum for real conversations, peer to peer support proving to be invaluable.

No Cookie-cutter approach here,

this needs to work

for YOU!

We are offering Mental Health Support as an additional component to our First Aid courses or we provide as Stand-Alone training.

There are two courses available, a 30 minute – SOS Mental Health Support Course (Fast 4 step program to manage burnout and recovery) and also a 90-minute comprehensive session. (Download the PDF's below for the flyers on the course)

Offering flexible options for you are very important to us.

I run a business, why would I offer this training for my team members?

It’s simple really. Mental Health support saves lives and saves billions of dollars to Australian businesses.

From a business perspective it will help to:

  • Improve workplace morale

  • Improve workplace relationships

  • Improve communication

  • Improve productivity

  • Improve retention possibilities

  • Improve workplace culture (less workplace stress)

  • Reduce the number of worker sick days

  • Reduce workers compensation claims

  • Reduce brand name deterioration

Mental Health support saves lives and shows you care!

From a people perspective

  • It saves lives and shows you care

  • The support extends beyond the individual to help family and the community at large. We are certainly all in this together.

The people component should never be underestimated.

"Look after your Employees and they will look after business – It’s as simple as that!" Richard Branson.

There is a commonality in our Human Universal Needs within all organisations. These can be best captured through an understanding of an individual’s value for peace, ease, order consideration, appreciation, certainty, stability, well-being, clarity, respect, choice, equality, empowerment, effectiveness, contribution, purpose, acceptance, connection, co-operation and belonging.

It’s not an exhaustive list, however we all relate to these fundamental universal human needs.

Once you have a greater understanding of how to fulfil your needs, you can tailor and customise the solutions to fit you as an individual.

Sharing a black heart card shape

We are here to help you on this journey.

SOS 30 Minute Training Overview V1
Download PDF • 37KB
90 Minute Training Overview V1
Download PDF • 377KB

Reach out to connect. Let's work together to avoid a Mental Health Pandemic. We can work out a way to tailor your training to provide the best support for you and your team. For more information or a Quote

Book with us today!

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