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Help! 000...Did you know?

Seriously our poor Emergency Services crew are run ragged with unnecessary call outs. People are calling 000 to ask the operator for directions or requesting an ambulance for an ingrown toenail. Don’t even get me started on the hospital system with ambulances waiting to unload patients.

YES call an ambulance for serious life threatening situations!

Did you know the average wait time for someone who is experiencing attack is before they call 000? ……

It’s 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are experiencing chest pain that lasts longer than 10 minutes there is a chance it is not heartburn!

Did you know that you can call 112 from your mobile phone even if you have no coverage?

By pressing the on/off key on your mobile phone 5 times in quick succession it will bring out a window to connect with 000

Here is one for you! Did you know you can message 106, perfect for those with a hearing or speech impairment. Note to self: Remember IF you are ever hiding in the wardrobe thinking there is an intruder in the house.

Ipswich First Aid courses are run locally and in Brisbane, you can log onto the website to find out when the next course is or call us to arrange a workplace or group training session.

Stay safe!


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