First Aid compliance in Schools - Are you compliant with Government Legislation?

We do understand your pain! First Aid compliance is an expense and keeping up with Government legislation is a nightmare. I have read the legislation and it is vague but some points are lit up in neon and are NON NEGOTIABLE. Are you covered if there is an incident in your school? Are you teachers equipped to deal with anaphylaxis or a seizure?

Here is what the legislation says....I have copied these clauses from the Workplace First Aid code of practice for you.

  2.3 The number and composition of workers and other people when considering the size of your workforce, you should include any contractors, subcontractors, and volunteers you engage. This may mean the size of your workforce may vary over time. For the purposes of deciding who requires access to first aid, you should consider the maximum number of workers that you may engage at any one time. Generally, a larger workforce requires more first aid resources. You should also consider: the particular needs of workers who have a disability or a known health concern others at your workplace who are not your workers (e.g. students in workplaces such as schools, members of the public in places of entertainment, fairgrounds and shopping 

  Number of trained first aiders The following ratios are recommended: 

 Low risk workplaces – one first aider for every 50 workers. 

 High risk workplaces – one first aider for every 25 workers 

So what does that mean? Lets look at some numbers (taken from My school website for Ipswich High School)

1500 students

117 teachers

70 non teaching staff

6 contractors on site (workman/maintenance)

10 volunteers / parents on site

TOTAL 1703 people potentially onsite on a given day

If we use the low risk matrix that is 1 qualified first aider for every 50 people,that equals a minimum of 35 people qualified in first aid. Now that is the B.A.M! (bare arse minimum!) BUT take into consideration the number of staff that could be offsite due to illness,training, pd, meetings or long service leave. Lets just upgrade that number to 50 even 55 to be safe. That's without taking into consideration the craziness of school drop off and pick up times!

If your school ticks any of these boxes you may with you consider upgrading your status and training more staff. Is it really worth the risk of a child's life? What about teachers, grand parents doing school pick up. High risk of heart attack and other medical issues.

Does your school have...

-More than 6 children diagnosed with anaphylaxis

-More than 10 children diagnosed with asthma

-More than 10 children diagnosed with special needs or on regular medication

-Located in a low in socioeconomic neighbourhood

-Teachers that are managing high risk behaviour

-Does your school have a lot of stairs

-Located on a main road

-Have a swimming pool

-Students who play contact sport

-Offer home economics, industrial design etc

just to name a few risks to consider

You do have a duty of care to ensure that the children in your care are safe. First Aid is a quick and easy solution ensuring your staff have the necessary skills to save a life and you are covered heaven for bid you are sued. If you think about it the average wait time for an ambulance is about 20 minutes. Someone requiring CPR could be brain dead within 4-6 minutes....

Are you covered? Is your school compliant with Government Legislation?

CPR can be done in just a few hours and first aid is needed every 3 years.

First Aid Training is not a 'nice' to have it is a Government Legislative requirement which means its a 'must'.

I assure you that your staff will walk away feeling confident and I guarantee there will be no long and boring stories!

PS: A few bonuses

- Simple and streamlined booking process

- No pre course work...phew! We do theory and practical on the day

- Delivery is tailored to your group

- A relaxed and fun learning environment

- Lean 'real world' strategies and tips

PPS: PD week 2020 is in high demand! If you would like to check availability or request a quote please call or email.

07 3067 4828 / 0438 779 177

First Aid Training for School Teachers

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