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Make your resume stand out with skills

Whether you are in health care or hospitality, the current job market is crowded and there is a lot of pressure to stand out from other job applicants. But don’t worry, you don’t need to go as far as auctioning yourself on eBay to find a job … you can list your First Aid and CPR qualifications on your resume instead!!

There are many jobs where First Aid credentials are mandatory, from teachers to electricians. Even where it is not a pre-requisite, having First Aid under your belt can give your career a huge boost for at least FIVE KEY REASONS.

Continuous professional development is essential for career success. Competition for jobs means we all need fresh skills and smart ways to stay ahead in the career game. With Australians having the lowest First Aid training rates in the world, First Aid and CPR are among the most in-demand skills you can bring to your new job.

Extra training = high quality worker. Completing a First Aid qualification demonstrates your competence and ability to achieve goals you set for yourself. Employers value people who spend time and energy developing skills beyond the minimum requirement for a job.

It shows your leadership and practical skills. Your First Aid training proves you can stay calm under pressure and take the lead in a crisis. You will be the first person in the room to know what to do if a co-worker has an accident or allergic reaction.

It demonstrates your personal strengths. Being First Aid qualified tells an employer you are reliable, responsible and a great team player. These are some of the top qualities managers are looking for.

It sets you up for your next job. From firefighters to flight attendants, a First Aid course opens the door to countless jobs. Your training with a reputable provider like F.A.S.T First Aid Training is recognised nationally and only needs upgrading every three years.

First Aid training is also perfect for teenagers entering the world of work. If they’re starting out at a fast food outlet they might use it straight away … like the 19 year old “hero worker” who jumped through a drive-through window to save a choking child!! No matter what their career goals, a teen with First Aid on their resume will stand out to employers as responsible, mature and with plenty of initiative.

For teenagers, being able to take charge in emergency situations is VITAL in the experimental years when they’re taking risks like using alcohol or other substances, learning to drive and just life in general. First Aid training is not only great for teens’ job prospects – it is giving them tools to keep themselves and their friends safe as they move into the fast-paced adult world.

Sarah Shaw, Director of F.A.S.T First Aid Training, is so passionate about teaching teens First Aid and CPR that she’s offering the First Aid and CPR for Teens course at a HALF PRICE DISCOUNT when they attend with an adult.

Use the coupon code TEEN CPR/ TEEN FIRST AID to take up this fantastic offer … and have a chat with Sarah about the types of jobs where you can use your First Aid and CPR training!!

Upcoming Course dates:

Inala - Thursday 15 August / Thursday 5 September

Ipswich - Saturday 24 August / Saturday 14 September

Courses available

CPR only


First Aid including CPR

First Aid for childcare

YES! Onsite workplace first aid training is available for a group of 6 or more, contact us for a quote 07 3067 4828

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