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Danger, Danger!

In your First Aid Course you will learn that YOU are the MOST important person in ANY First Aid situation. If you witnessed someone you loved or cared have a car accident you would rush right over to save them correct? Would you stop and consider DANGER and hazards to you the rescuer? No you probably wouldn’t and that it understandable!

Now I am not asking for a spreadsheet! Just a quick assessment of the situation to keep you safe so you can help the casualty. If you finish up injured not only are you unable to help you have given the poor emergency services another casualty to look after!

Now don’t forget about the bystanders, we want to keep them out of harm as well.

Some knowledge of the basics could mean the difference between life and death. Simply administering chest compressions alone will pump oxygenated blood and sustain life and there is more than one way to do it!

Yes we are showing the ideal position of our hands on the lower half of the sternum in the centre of the chest in our CPR training but what happens if you get tired? Could you potentially use your foot?....ABSOLUTELY! As long as you are in the correct position and going a ⅓ of the depth of the chest you are doing a great job.

Did you know they have coached children doing CPR on a parent by bouncing up and down on their chest...True story.

But I side track!!!!

Remember at the end of the day you are the most important person, next comes the bystanders and sorry casualties you are on the bottom of the list! If at any point you feel that you are in danger it is ok to discontinue.

Stay safe!


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