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Are you ready for summer?

Unfortunately drowning statistics are on the rise, 291 people in Australia drowned last year and you would be surprised where most of our drownings occur.

The Australian Water Safety Council has set an ambitious goal to half that number by 2020.

To do that we need to see more people becoming CPR and First Aid Qualified.

A staggering 68 of those drowning deaths occurred in rivers, creeks and streams, so if you are living on land with dams or you like to go camping then you might want to pay attention to your safety and those around you.

Beaches come next which is quite surprising considering the marketing campaign of swim between the flags and water safety at the beach.

The next highest area of risk is the swimming pool, yes we have strict guidelines about pool fences but would you know what to do if someone was drowning in your swimming pool? According to ABS 50% of parents interviewed would not know what to do in the case of a drowning. Should First Aid Training be mandatory if you have a pool? I think so.

Our goal at Ipswich First Aid and CPR is to train our local community on the procedure for saving a life in the the case of a drowning. Reaching out to Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Ipswich we want to spread the word and keep our community safe.

Is the thought of someone drowning scary? I think it is scarier not knowing what to do?

Do you know your DRSABCD’S?

Are you ready just in case?

If you are a social family like we are and love having friends over for a swim and a bbq I would highly recommend you becoming CPR trained.

Use the code SAVEALIFE when you register and I will reward you with 10% discount for your commitment to safety.


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