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5 Tips to prioritise Self-Care this International Women's Day

Updated: Jun 2

Modern life for many women can be highly pressured, juggling busy working lives as well as managing home and family.

In March, in honour of International Women’s Day, Fast First Aid Training is encouraging women to take 30 minutes a day for self-care.

Modern life is crazy sometimes, juggling more than ever

What might Self-Care look like?

Tip 1: Go easy on yourself

Try to notice when you’re giving yourself a hard time and placing too much pressure on yourself. Yes, we need to keep our motivation levels up to keep doing what needs to be done, however, notice if your expectations can be lowered.

Be kind to yourself - it's okay to step back and lower the expectations

Ask the perfectionist in you to take a step back.

Tip 2: Practice self-compassion

When life’s feeling tough, find ways to give yourself some tenderness. Maybe when you’re looking in the mirror, you could take a moment to speak to yourself lovingly (silently in your head if anyone’s in ear shot as you don’t want them to worry!).

How would you speak to your best friend or your child when they’re stressed?

Can you speak to yourself this way?

Look into the mirror - and speak to yourself lovingly

Tip 3: Hands on breathing

When going to sleep at night, try lying on your back and putting one hand on your heart and one on your belly. Take some deep slow breaths. Imagine or think about breathing in peace and breathing out any tension that may have built up during the day.

Breathe out any tension you may have - take deep, slow breaths

Tip 4: The healing power of water

When you’re taking a shower, imagine the water has magical healing powers. As it cascades over your head and body, imagine the water healing and soothing you.

FEEL the healing power of water - jump in a shower and feel its power

Tip 5: Practice peace - Self-care is important

Pay more attention to your reactivity. When you’re feeling reactive - maybe around someone’s communication or behaviour, try to step back from the reactivity, take a soothing breath and relax your body.

It’s not worth the stress.

Try to step back from reactivity - It's not worth the stress!!

When we can manage our reactivity and consciously respond, there is more energy for creativity and connection.

Attend one of our online Take30 events that we are running through the month of March and learn some fun, quick and proven methods for self-care and de-stressing.

Self Care event


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