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30-minute SOS Strategy Courses
SOS Self Care Strategies

SOS Mental Health First Aid Awareness 30-minute Course covers some essential information about why we need knowledge of Mental Health First Aid in the workplace, some of the signs and symptoms of mental illness and strategies for offering support to a person who may be having a mental health challenge. Includes a Mental Health First Aid Resource Pack. LEARN MORE


SOS Self-Care Strategies 30-minute Course covers self-soothing techniques and mindful meditation, 3 pillars for mental health, self-enquiry activities, home practices and resources as well as a SOS Self Nurture Pack (valued at $25). LEARN MORE


SOS Essential Communication 30-minute Course demonstrates an easy process for defusing potential conflict and cultivating healthy relationships through clear communication. Includes a Bonus Info Pack with resources for participants to continue developing their communication skills. LEARN MORE

90-minute Skill Development Courses
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Mental Health First Aid Applied 90-minute Course shows participants how to offer and provide initial help to someone who may be suffering a mental illness or undergoing a mental health crisis. This course covers the skills needed for guiding such a person towards appropriate treatments or other supportive help. Includes a comprehensive Mental Health First Aid Resource Pack.

Recovery & Resilience 90-minute Course covers reflective practices for increasing resilience and the ability to cope and adapt when dealing with stress, adversity and change. Through self-enquiry, team processes and fun challenges, participants are supported to be their authentic selves. Includes a Self Nurture Pack (valued at $45). LEARN MORE


Clear & Connected 90-minute Course shares 5 essential skills for defusing conflict, creating connection and cultivating collaboration. With a clear model to follow, participants are guided through a working example that is easily applied to any situation and supports them to create healthy and happy relationships. Includes a Bonus Gift Pack with resources for participants to continue developing their communication skills. LEARN MORE

"Look after your employees and they will look after your business -
It's as simple as that!
- Richard Branson



Meghan Kurts Forrester shares how improving staff mental health and well-being wil benefit your business.