Meghan Kurts Forrester

-Program Facilitator and Developer

Meghan Kurts Forrester is accredited in mental health first aid. Her vast life experience adds to her pool of knowledge in the management of burnout and fatigue. Her personal life story provides a foundation of reliability for men and women, singles or parents, business managers or employees. She shares her knowledge by using an understanding of biology and our common humanity.“Burn bright, but not out. Tending to your own flame”

Supporting Mental health & Well-being through in-person and zoom courses 


Prior to Covid-19, mental health problems, including depression and anxiety, affected 1 in 5 Australians every year. Since

the pandemic these numbers are expected to have increased significantly.


Australia has some of the highest rates of mental illness globally and most people will experience a mental health issue at some

point in their lives either personally or through someone they are close to.


Approaching well-being through workplace strategies as well as supporting the individual has been shown to be the most

effective way to reduce work stress and improve health and overall well-being.


From a business perspective prioritising mental health and well-being

in the workplace will help to:


  • minimise stress levels and improve morale

  • reduce worker absence and turnover

  • cultivate staff loyalty

  • increase diversity and create a stronger organisational culture

  • gain a higher return on training investment

  • enable organisations to meet health and safety laws


Our courses are designed to:


  • raise awareness and understanding of Mental Health First Aid

  • teach easy strategies for improving and maintaining well-being and employee relations

  • support healthy and proactive behaviour and communication through skills development


Our programs address a broad spectrum of life stressors and are designed for participants to feel a
sense of balance, stability, support and hope.
Our accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainers are aware of the scope of mental health
concerns being faced in these times.
Our trainers are professional, relatable and passionate about what they are offering. 


Our courses can be delivered in person or via Zoom and all courses include:

  • Bonus selfcare pack with further resources for each participant

  • Certificate of Completion

  • 4 week follow-up support program via email

30-minute SOS Strategy Courses

Strategies that are easy to learn and implement for improving Mental Health & Well-being:

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Self Care Training
Communication Training

90-minute Skill Development Courses

Skill-based training for the improvement and maintenance of Mental Health & Well-being:

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Self Care Training
Communication Training
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Books by Meghan Kurts Forrester

Raw and Relatable with just the right amount of humour. Meghan takes us on a journey of many paths into discovering ourselves and each other. Over speed bumps and a bit 'off-road' at times, she explores the 'ugly side' which turns out to be the very nature of recovering ourselves.

Free Downloadable Resources

With her expertise in self care/nurture, Meghan Kurts Forrester has a large library of free resources to share with you.

Recovery from burnout is possible with the right tools and advice to get you there. Download your FREE resources today and start your journey to recovery!

Custom Courses

Consult with our trainers and build your own ½ day course based on our 30 and 90 minute courses.

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