30 min SOS  Mental Health &
Well-being Support Workshop

We dive into strategies for managing our fast paced world.

Addressing the stress in our daily lives, relationships, workplace and physical bodies.

With interactive activities and home practices this SOS course will get your team on the right track.

The course covers baseline techniques for self management, self responsibility and includes efficient scheduling of time and energy.

Can include:
  • The 4 S's - Soothe, Support, Strategy, Show Up
  • SOS Strategy booklet
  • Self Care Commitment Postcard
  • SOS mini Self Nurture Pack (valued at $25)
  • Toilet Cubical Meditation Poster
  • Includes 4 week online support sequence following the session.
Cost $40 per person
Valued at $185 per person
- Based on a minimum of 10 people

Discounts will apply when booking in conjunction with F.A.S.T. First Aid Training.
90 minute Intensive Training

We will look at serious motivators for Self Care which are often promoted by pain and discomfort.  Participants will have the opportunity to connect with their 'why'.

Participants will be guided through sections of the workbook.  They will have opportunity for self reflection time and internal 'course correction' which will allow for sustainable long term results.

A section of the workbook is dedicated to practical resources for Nourishing the Busy Human.

We will run through Serious Self Care practices and Self Responsibility.
What it means to be grounded and how to 'Schedule like a Boss'.

Learn unique strategies to prevent and recover from burnout and how to recover from Stress and Overwhelm in the workplace. 

Can include:
  • 150 page workbook
  • SOS Self Nurture Pack (valued at $45)
  • Quick & Easy ways to Nourish the body for optimal performance
  • Tools for women to manage hormonal imbalances and how men can understand women during fluctuating times.
  • 4 week online support sequence following the session. 

Cost $65-$85 per person
Valued at $315 per person

Discounts will apply when booking in conjunction with F.A.S.T. First Aid Training.
Also available

Customised follow up sessions specific to your organisation.

1/2 Day Workshops
Full day Retreat
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Mental Health & Well-being saves lives and billions of dollars for Australian business.

We can help you do your part. 

Meghan Kurts Forrester -
Program Facilitator and Director

Meghan Kurts Forrester is qualified in mental health first aid. Her vast life experience adds to her pool of knowledge in the management of burnout and fatigue. Her personal life story provides a foundation of reliability for men and women, singles or parents, business managers or employees. She shares her knowledge by using an understanding of biology and our common humanity.

“Burn bright, but not out. Tending to your own flame”

Books by

Meghan Kurts Forrester

Raw and Relatable with just the right amount of humour. Meghan takes us on a journey of many paths into discovering ourselves and each other. Over speed bumps and a bit 'off-road' at times she explores the 'ugly side' which turns out to be the very nature of recovering ourselves.



With her expertise in self care/nurture, Meghan Kurts Forrester has a large library of free resources to share with you – from a self care ebook packed with self nurture tips and tricks, to a Toilet Cubicle Meditation poster to unwind and relax with the tools to help you do so, no matter where you are.

Recovery from burnout is possible with the right tools and advice to get you there. Download your FREE resources today and start your journey to recovery!