F.A.S.T. First Aid Training Teaches Group CPR & Group First Aid Training Courses

  HLTAID004 -
Provide Emergency First Aid Response in an Education & Care Setting

  • This course describes the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to infants, children and adults.

  HLTDAID003 -
Provide First Aid
(Senior First Aid)

  • This course will enable participants to confidently manage emergency situations and provide a first aid response to a casualty until an ambulance arrives.

  HLTAID001 -
Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

  • This course provides the skills to recognise and then manage a casualty who is unconscious and is not breathing.

When an emergency happens, usually the first response is to call for help. What if you could be part of that assistance? Our group first aid training can be used in any emergency, whether you are at home or in public. Group first aid courses provide a valuable tool in assisting co-workers, students or those in your charge when they are injured.


What are the Advantages of Group CPR Training?


When a person is choking or having trouble breathing, time is of the essence. A leading benefit of group CPR training is that the members of your company learn the skills needed to potentially save a life. While you must always call for an ambulance if someone is unable to breathe, the skills provided in our group first aid courses are critical in providing immediate care. By participating in group first aid training, there is an increased chance of survival for the victim.


Taking part in group first aid courses provides a sense of confidence, responsibility and respect. While our company ensures that all participants understand the subject matter, it is a very serious and important topic to learn. When a person is hurt or choking, bystanders can be very hesitant to help. Group CPR training supplies the confidence that a person needs to step up with the knowledge that they have to give aid to a victim. At the end of the course, we provide you with a statement of attainment that can be proudly displayed. Our trainers teach the assurance that is needed to perform CPR or first aid assistance.


Options for Group First Aid Courses


We offer three unique CPR courses. The Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation class is perfect for the general public. This course teaches the ability to comprehend when someone is having problems breathing. It also provides the knowledge required to manage a situation where a victim is unconscious. This can be used as a refresher course for those that are already CPR certified but have to maintain their annual requirements.


The Provide First Aid course is a requirement every three years for the participant to stay certified. This course dives into the details of managing a situation in which a victim is suffering from an asthma attack or anaphylaxis. The class still provides all the basics that are covered in the Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation course but is geared to first aid responders and health and safety managers.


The Emergency First Aid Response in an Education & Care Setting course is specifically directed to parents, teachers or any person that works in the childcare industry. This group first aid training teaches all the necessities to provide specific care to a child that requires immediate attention.  


Group Focused Training


We understand the need for CPR and first aid training in a group environment. Our team will come to your office or school to teach the course. We provide you with all the reading and equipment required. Our company works with groups of eight or more but can accommodate up to 50. If your group is larger than 50, we offer the option of splitting the group over two more sessions.


Any classes can be booked online or call us on 0438 779 177 for more information.