Corporate First Aid Course Offered by F.A.S.T. First Aid Training

  HLTAID004 -
Provide Emergency First Aid Response in an Education & Care Setting

  • This course describes the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to infants, children and adults.

  HLTDAID003 -
Provide First Aid
(Senior First Aid)

  • This course will enable participants to confidently manage emergency situations and provide a first aid response to a casualty until an ambulance arrives.

  HLTAID001 -
Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

  • This course provides the skills to recognise and then manage a casualty who is unconscious and is not breathing.

Would you know what to do if your co-worker suddenly started to choke as the two of you were talking over lunch? A standard answer is that you would instantly call for someone to help. What if you could instantly provide the assistance that your co-worker desperately needs at that moment?


A corporate first aid course teaches you the skills that you need to potentially save the life of a work mate. We offer different options for company first aid training. A member of our staff will come to your company and teach a group of six people or more a range of life-saving techniques.


Our company provides on-site, industry-specific first aid training. A corporate first aid course is an excellent choice for a company of professionals that generally cares for other people such as children or the elderly. Our course offers different CPR techniques that focus on your clientele but also teaches the general training that you could use to assist in any choking situation for example.


Once you have finished our corporate first aid course, you will receive a certificate showing that you have completed and passed this valuable class. It is important to remember that a refresher course is required on an annual basis to keep your certification up to date. We can work with you on a time and a location that suits the need of your staff to ensure that your office stays up-to-date.


For more information on our first aid courses, please call us on 0438 779 177 or book your class now.