SOS Mental Health Resources

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We invite you to take a breath, let out a sigh and know that armed with self care you are on the right track.  We offer these resources in hope that you find Self Care tools that suit your needs right now. 

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Evohe Self Care

Take the Burn Out Quiz

Are you suffering Adrenal Fatigue or Burnout?

Bravo for making it this far…you’re not alone!

Self Care Products by Evohe Skincare

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WSGR.Self Care Guide

WSGR - A Woman's Guide

Are you feeling the struggle to maintain what is being asked of us.  WSGR is a collection of lived wisdom by everyday people who have recovered from burnout. 

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Toilet Cubicle Meditation Poster

Free Downloadable

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Support with our In-house Counsellor

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WTF  A Man's Guide

Want the men in your life to understand you better.  Help them  navigate the menstrual mood swing and gain a deeper connection and understanding.  

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Additional Courses Available

Continue to build a strong and healthy work environment.

Mental Health Awareness

Clear and Connected Communication