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F.A.S.T. First Aid Training we are your local first aid training company who strongly believe that learning CPR and First Aid doesn't have to be painful or boring!!  Our training style is fun, relaxed and engaging because we know that it how we learn best.  We adapt our training delivery to suit our students, scenario's and examples will be relevant to the group.  Onsite workplace training is our specialty and we also deliver 15 public courses a month. 


We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest training techniques and first aid management solutions, we don't just spew text book at you!!! We teach real world tips and tricks.  My team are amazing!  They love what they do and represent me with heart and pride when they are teaching. 

We love creating a fun, relaxed and honest work environment which flows into our training style.

Why F.A.S.T.?

Well it is actually the acronym for managing a stroke casualty and who doesn’t want fast first aid!

A little bit about me....I am Sarah Shaw

Founder and Managing Director of F.A.S.T. First Aid Training

Sarah Shaw - Managing Director
Sarah Shaw
Founder & Director

What do you love about teaching? Seeing the “Aha” moment on a student’s face when the information lands.

Something people might not know about teaching? It’s exhausting! You are literally entertaining the crowd, it requires massive amounts of adrenaline to do this. It’s harder than it looks!

Careers prior to teaching? fast and varied!!! Fitness Industry, Nutrition Coach (I still look after some amazing and loyal clients), workplace safety, hospitality for ages!

Biggest pet peeve? People not being respectful and my youngest son picking his toenails!

Who do I admire the most? My little sister, she is an entrepreneur, an author, a kick arse mamma, she has a heart of gold and never gives up.

Best piece of advice you have ever been given? Well it’s become a bit of a mantra really “I am doing the best I can with the time and resources available." This statement applies to so many situations.

Parting words of wisdom? Be true to you

Who are we? - Meet our Trainers

I am very proud of the spirited team that represents F.A.S.T. First Aid Training


Our team of trainers are:


  • Passionate about First Aid

  • Dedicated, Qualified Trainer and Assessors

  • Fabulous and Flexible

  • Energetic and Reliable

  • Genuinely caring facilitators, who take great pride in being able to make the learning experience worthwhile, relaxed, fun and enjoyable.


This team is the heart and soul of F.A.S.T. First Aid Training.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our trainers:

Peta (1).png
Copy of peta (1).png

Our Mental Health Support Team..

Meet the amazing team behind our Mental Health, Self Care and Communication Support Programs.

MH Crew (1).jpg

Let's also meet the cogs that keep the wheels turning

This is our amazing support crew!

We could NOT do it without the team behind the scenes. I value each and every one of my team members and their contribution to our success.




Where are our Public Course Locations?

We have added a number of new locations to our public training schedule, giving you a wider choice of places to undertake first aid training at any of the public locations.  See the Public course location page for more details.


You will find us teaching public courses in:


  • Ipswich Central

  • Brassall (Catalyst church Ipswich)

  • Mt Ommaney

  • Darra 


We are always adding extra courses, offering you more choice and convenience, so keep an eye on our calendar..


We are also first aid specialists delivering in the Corporate, Government and Business sectors. We have been helping Ipswich and Brisbane businesses (and surrounding area's) with their First Aid training needs for more than 7 years.

We are your Workplace Training Specialists

There are a number of benefits to offering first aid training in the workplace. It allows a perfect learning environment for your team members. As your workplace training specialists, it allows us to contextualize the training, keeping it relevant and introducing scenario's to help your team become more confident with their learning, in a supportive and suitable atmosphere.


F.A.S.T. First Aid Training offers versatility and flexibility with their facilitation style and delivery, adapting to suit the specific needs of your team.


We have been delivering First Aid training for many clients over many years. Our clients are the heart and soul of this business and our team would like to thank all of our clientele for their continued support and helping us to grow.

YOU are at the centre of everything we do.



We are able to help any business in any field. We have been supporting:


  • Manufacturing

  • Supply Chain

  • Logistics

  • Teachers

  • Childcare

  • School Students

  • Small business

and many more.......


"Thank you to all the businesses who have helped F.A.S.T. First Aid Training to become the business we are today." Sarah

"Did my CPR Refresher with Sarah, she was practical, knowledgeable and relevant and made the course enjoyable.

Loved that the course was industry specific and she offered relatable scenarios and examples

(much easier for the brain to recall should an emergency arise!!). Thanks Sarah!" - MELISSA STEWART


It would give us great pleasure to help you, let's work together today to get you underway with your first aid compliance.

No Long Boring Stories - Guaranteed!

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